Accelerate progress.

We make early-stage investments to accelerate technological progress and drive social impact.

At, we believe that technology will solve all problems. We are dedicated to investing in pioneering solutions and nurturing a dynamic community of innovators dedicated to creating meaningful change. We support early-stage startups with audacious visions for transformation, host events centered around community engagement, and encourage open-source partnerships.

At, we bring bold ideas to life. This dynamic platform is dedicated to identifying, investing in, and nurturing early-stage startups that are poised to revolutionize the way we address global challenges. We believe in the power of entrepreneurial spirit combined with technological innovation to create impactful solutions.

Chowdhary Holdings isn’t just about funding; it’s about building partnerships that foster growth, drive change, and set new benchmarks in the tech world. Join us as we embark on this journey to transform visionary ideas into realities that can reshape our world.

“Through technological process and acceleration, we invest in more than advancements; we invest in the future prosperity of humanity itself.”

At, our compact investment fund is a catalyst, accelerating technology to unlock extraordinary possibilities.

Anand Chowdhary, founder

All-in-one AI sales platform for scalable and autonomous B2B sales (YC S21).

LLM platform


Developer platform for building LLM apps with open source libraries.

AI video platform


Generative AI platform for dynamic videos using no-code tool and API.



Rent-to-own furniture with personalized interior design in Europe (2020–2022).

Oswald Labs


Accessibility technology company for the next billion users (2016–2020).



AI assistant for scheduling meetings over email (2019–2020).

At the heart of’s Foundation lies a resolute commitment to leveraging technology for the greater good. Our Foundation is the cornerstone of our mission, where we focus on nurturing and supporting a wide array of initiatives that make a tangible difference.

From empowering communities with digital education to funding research for sustainable tech solutions, our Foundation operates at the intersection of innovation and social responsibility. Here, every project we undertake is more than just an investment in technology; it’s an investment in hope, progress, and a better future for all.

Collaborating for impact.

Our partners in previous events, investments, and open source projects, and the companies we have collaborated with.


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We’re looking for projects that are accelerating the progress of humanity through technological change. If that sounds like you, please apply and we’ll be in touch if it’s a good fit.